Are You Wearing a Bad Bra? Five Bra Fitting Symptoms

Published: 04th February 2010
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You would be amazed how many women insist they are wearing the right size, yet admit that they are wildly uncomfortable in their bras! Believe it or not, bras can and should be comfortable. If you're still not convinced, here's a list of bra problems that are really a sign that you're wearing the wrong size bra.

  1. The Underwire Pokes You or Hurts In a correctly fitting bra, the underwire shouldn't hurt one bit! The wire is intended to lie against your chest wall and barely touch the actual chest tissue. If you've never had luck with underwire bras, try getting a professional bra fitting at a specialty boutique - not a chain store.

  2. There's Dents in Your Shoulder Shoulder pain is a very common complaint among women with larger breasts. While it may seem like the bra straps do all the "heavy lifting", this is not the way bras are supposed to fit! In a good fitting bra, 90% of the support comes from the bra band.

  3. You Tug at Your Bra All Day Does the back of your bra ride up your back during the day? Not only is this annoying, it's a sure sign that your bra band is not a good fit. Wearing the correct band size will solve this problem once and for all.

  4. You Have the "Quad-Boob" Effect That bump at the top of your bra is not cleavage - it's breast tissue that isn't being properly supported by your bra. If you're spilling out of the cups, your breasts will look lumpy and uneven through your shirt, not sexy! Try a larger cup size for a better fitting bra and more attractive profile.

  5. You Don't Feel Sexy In Your Bra I've been in the bra business long enough to know that no matter what your size, there is a great bra out there for you. By finding a style that fits your unique shape and style, you'll feel comfortable and confident every day.

If you're not sure what size bra you should be wearing, you can find more bra fitting information at Linda's Online Bra School or Linda's Bra Salon NYC.

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